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LISTEN: Doctors warn against using Erection Cream as Lipfiller

Well, apparently this is a thing... Using Erection Cream as Lipfiller is the latest trend on Tiktok - Doctors are labeling this as an 'extremely dangerous' practice Surpassing over...

LISTEN: Radio Host reprimanded ON AIR!

The 4 Play at 4, it's a SKI tradition where we countdown the 4 hottest songs in New Zealand @ 4 pm daily! Andy & Annie were quite...

LISTEN: Joe Exotic has Limo on standby awaiting pardon

Joe Exotic’s lawyer is that confident that US President Donald Trump will pardon the former zoo owner that they have a limo on standby, just down the...

LISTEN: Man found living in airport for 3 months!

Over in Chicago, a California man who police said claimed to be too afraid to fly due to Covid-19 hid out and lived in a secured area of...

LISTEN: NZ city with a noise complaint every 34 minutes

Its been revealed that in 2020, one New Zealand city received a noise complaint on average every 34 minutes! - Listen to find out what city holds...

LISTEN: Cops shutting down Swingers Party mistaken for Stripers

Heading to Argentina, Buenos Aires to be exact - Amidst Covid 19 restrictions Police were mistaken for strippers when they interrupted the raunchy gathering Authorities were alerted to...

LISTEN: What do Airbnb guests really get upto?

Ahead of the US Presidental Inauguration Airbnb has announced it will be canceling all reservations in Washington DC during the week of the US presidential inauguration. Our very...

LISTEN: Lost Password leaving Man on brink of losing $300 million

You never know what the topic of conversation is going to be with Andy & Annie, on the show this morning it was Passwords and BitCoin! San Francisco...