The Warriors struggled to see the funny side of Konrad Hurrell’s controversial career with the Auckland NRL club.

But his move to the Gold Coast Titans has unleashed the comedian within, and a former player – burly George Rose – has rated him on Facebook as “the funniest man in rugby league”.

Appearing on Fox Sport’s The Late Show With Matty Johns, Hurrell did a sort of lonely hearts routine looking for a partner, starting off by announcing he was “single and a good boy”.

With Jarryd Hayne sitting alongside him, Hurrell looked wistfully at the camera, telling any prospective partner that he was “looking for love to complete myself”.

“I like to eat and have romantic cuddles,” the power packed centre continued.

“I will complete you as well.”

Put it this way – it was a vast improvement on a previous video effort which hit social media while he was at the Warriors. But enough said on that.



The new teaser for Deadpool 2 has been released, and it has got all the elements you’ve come to expect from the anti-hero.

A dash of swearing, a “cheeky” glimpse of Ryan Reynolds’ buttocks, and a ton of movie references.

The clip also pokes fun at Superman (the changing into a superhero outfit in a telephone box is lampooned) and there are a few references to the new movie Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final time as Wolverine, which is in cinemas now.

Stan Lee makes a brief appearance.

Stan Lee makes a brief appearance.

Marvel legend Stan Lee also makes a cameo and there is a nod to the bad-guy in the new movie Cable, aka Nathan Summers.

Deadpool 2 isn’t due for release until March next year but anticipation is already building following the first instalment’s massive take of over US$780 million ($1.1 billion) worldwide.



Greymouth jetboater Kieran Wisdom has gone viral on social media after posting a misadventure in his boat on Facebook.

By 1pm the remarkable video clip had already attracted 464,000 views around the world and the number was rising faster than his speeding boat, at 10,000 views every half hour.

The footage shows him speeding down the Grey River just off Mawhera Quay before veering off towards Cobden – and smashing head-on into a wooden pile in the river.

A family member said the accident happened two weeks ago and friends had said he should post the footage on-line.

A friend was filming him doing manoeuvres in his boat when everything went pear shaped.

Fortunately he was not injured in the mishap.



Seeing one or two orca in the wild in your lifetime is pretty special, but how about seeing 30?

Kaikoura surf instructor Dave Lyons spends a lot of time out on the water around Kaikoura but even he could barely believe his eyes when he saw the numbers out there last week.

Lyons’ employee had always wanted to see orca so when they got word of a sighting off the coast he immediately grabbed her and her brother and set off on a jet ski to find them.

“She had wanted to see them all her life, and what an awesome experience, there were just so many.”

Lyons said there would have been about 30 orca spread out over about 3km, having travelled from Jimmy Armers beach to New World and beyond to hang out alongside them.

He counted five different groups so it was difficult to give an exact count, he said.

“We followed them about 15km off-shore towards Mangamaunu.

“There was the mum one side, and the dad on the other. We never got close to him but he was huge – his fin was enormous.

“All the pups were playing, it was just so amazing.”

Lyons said they noticed the pod would dive down for between two and three minutes, then come up to the surface where they would breach three to five times and then go back down again.

At one point the orca formed a huge circle of bubbles, like a feeding frenzy, before taking off to play again.

Some were even spinning around in the jet unit right off the back of the jetski, playing in the bubbles, Lyons said.

“It was very cool that they actually came up to see us, definitely a once in a lifetime experience.”

A video uploaded to Facebook by Lyons had almost 13,000 views in five days.

Although orca are not an uncommon sight along the Kaikoura coast, according to the Orca Research Trust there are fewer than 200 individuals in New Zealand waters.



Shortland Street’s ‘penis-gate’ episode has gone global thanks to its unlikely cliffhanger.

The long running New Zealand soap opera shocked fans when it ended on a cliffhanger with the words uttered by Dr Chris Warner: “Please tell me that is not your penis.”

Shortland Steet took an unexpected turn when teenager Harry Warner’s dad, Chris, played by Michael Galvin, showed his son his computer tablet which had synced with Harry’s mobile.

The Independent in the UK featured a the clip under the heading: “New Zealand soap goes viral thanks to its epic cliffhanger”, while a Daily Mail story said: “New Zealand soap opera has fans in stitches with bizarre ‘cliffhanger’ ending to an episode”.

An article on the cliffhanger also appeared online on

The storyline actually involves more serious themes of sexting among younger generations.

Harry, played by Reid Walker, appears to have taken the explicit pictures on his smartphone which were then synced to the rest of the computers in the house.

When Harry arrives home with his girlfriend, his dad hurries her from the house so he can talk to his son.

Revealing the iPad he confronts his son and says: “Tell me that is not your penis?” before the credits roll

Maxine Fleming, a producer on the show, was thrilled with the response to the cliff hanger.

“When I read the script, I was like, that is the cliffhanger of the year for me. It is a comedy story, but like all good comedy there’s a truth at the core of it, and it is social commentary, that story.

“Many teens are doing stuff like this, and many parents are worried about it,” she told Fairfax.

She also admitted that Galvin would now likely have the line shouted at him in the street everywhere he goes.

“Sorry about that, Michael!” she joked.

Social media users took to Twitter to express their shock at the cliffhanger.

One said the show was hilarious telling Hollywood to take note.

While another said she would have to start watching the show to find out whether it was his penis or not.



There can be little doubt about the seriousness of wildfires that have roared across Christchurch’s Port HIlls since Monday, destroying 11 homes and scorching more than 2000 hectares.

But if there’s any doubt, this timelapse video shot by freelance photographer Dru Norriss on Wednesday puts it to shame.

The 1m 38s video is a snapshot of the fire’s power, showing its increasing ferocity as it moves towards Norriss’ vantage point at the end of Bengal Dr in the suburb of Cashmere.

Norriss, a musician and wedding photographer, lives nearby and decided on a whim to make a timelapse video.

“It’s not something I’ve done a lot of and the fact that people have found it striking is quite humbling.”

The sequence was shot over an hour and 22 minutes, starting just before 1pm and finishing just after 2pm. It was developed from 2456 exposures.

He was still working on a second timelapse video of the fire, taken after sundown and into the night, and which he believed would be even more striking.

The timelapse video was shot from a vantage point at Bengal Dr, in Cashmere. Photo / Google Earth
The timelapse video was shot from a vantage point at Bengal Dr, in Cashmere. Photo / Google Earth

But it was also tinged with the realisation he was filming others’ loss.

“i’ve got friends who their parents have lost their house up there and I imagine in the second video I’ve done it’s in there somewhere.”

However, the footage would also ensure people – especially those outside Christchurch – understood the magnitude of the disaster.

“It’s really humbling to know that I will help people make a bit more sense of it.”



This is scary!!

Over the weekend, news broke that Mischa Barton was admitted into hospital after an outburst that was the result of being drugged.

She was out celebrating her birthday with a few friends when she felt that her behavior was off, “I voluntarily went to get professional help, and I was informed by their staff that I had been given GHB. After an overnight stay, I am home and doing well.”

It was the day after her birthday that the video was taken by a neighbours who also called the police and an ambulance.

Mischa ended up admitting herself into hospital for a psychological evaluation.

She’s now using this event as a warning for other women that are at risk of getting drugged when they are out.

“This is a lesson to all young women out there, be aware of your surroundings.”

She looks like she is recovering, and we hope that she gets better soon.


It was the green striped shirt-wearing, 23-year-old guy named Steve who really made the magic happen—right up until 2002.

After Steve left the show and his “borther” Joe took over, rumours started about Steve. Gossip had kids fearing he had died IRL and people were subject to all kinds of hoaxes about Steve’s untimely death.

Even though actor Steve Burns felt it important, he cleared things up, many are still surprised to find out he’s alive and looking super different!

OK with their problem-solving pal.

Above, the latest video of “Steve” talking about what it was like to be Steve and also how it feels to have all the rumours swirling around about him!