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Feeling the pich at the pump? This app could help!


Petrol prices are reaching new heights.

91 is now hitting upwards of $3 per litre in some regions. Kiwis are being warned that fuel prices are likely to keep climbing for as long as the conflict in Ukraine continues.

Average fuel prices in NZ on March 10 2022

Deputy Prime Minister, Grant Robertson told RNZ that did not see prices reaching $4 per litre. However, he did say “I don’t think we’ve seen the end of petrol price rises”.

Luckily theirs an app that is helping kiwis get the best price at the pump, introducing Gaspy.

Prices in Whanganui on 10 March via Gaspy

The Gaspy App allows people to report fuel prices in their area in order to find the best deal. Users are shown the cheapest option at the top of their feed, making it super easy to find the cheapest price.

You can even select the specific fuel you use, plus the app also shows how far you are from the nearest gas station.

Times are tough for a lot of kiwis, and as the saying goes ‘every cent counts’.

The Gaspy app is free to download and is available on both the App Store and Google Play.