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Here’s a few hot tips to make your fuel go futher!


Not gonna lie, I’ve considered signing up to  Onlyfans to help pay for my fuel. Prices have been reaching over $3 per litre, partly due to the Russia – Ukraine conflict.

Earlier in the week, the government announced that they’d cut fuel taxes by 25c per litre for three months. While this will be a help to many kiwis, it’s not a permanent fix.

Consumer NZ has released a few clever tips to help reduce your fuel bill. Check out how you can make that eye-wateringly expensive tank of fuel go a bit further.

1. Drive smooth
Put your lead foot away and drive smooth to avoid excessive use of the accelerator. Look well ahead and try to moderate your speed to use the brakes less. If you drive at or below the speed limit rather than in excess of it, you’ll also burn less gas as your car’s aerodynamic drag increases with speed.

2. Take away the things you don’t need.
If your boot is chokka with your golf clubs you last used a few weeks ago. Take them out and store them in the garage. Same goes for any superfluous junk that’s ended up in your car. If you have unused roof racks or bike racks on the outside of the car, take them off too.

If you’re carting around unnecessary items, you’re burning more fuel than necessary.

3. Check your tyre pressure
If your tyres are a tad flat, they have more rolling resistance, so your car has to work harder to push them around. Check the correct tyre pressure (it’s usually on a sticker in the drivers doorwell) and pump your tyres up to the right level at the petrol station.

4. Wind up the windows
It’s nice to drive around with the windows down on a hot day, but it adds to your vehicles wind resistance. Roll up the windows when you’re underway to make your car more slippery when passing through the air. It’s more efficient to use air con instead.

5. Drive less
The easiest way to save fuel is to not use the car in the first place. If you can avoid a short local trip altogether, or walk or bike instead, your bank account will be smiling. If you need to go out, try string a few errands together so you’re not continuously zipping to and from home.

Don’t know about you but I’ll be following these tips religiously, cause if I’m being honest no one (and I mean NO ONE) wants to see me on Onlyfans.