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Inferno at Whanganui Timber yard


Eastown Timber & Fencing in Whanganui East was engulfed by a huge fire early Friday morning.

The fire reportedly started between 5am and 6am. Police have cordoned off surrounding streets including Tinirau St, Hakeke St, Holyoake St, and Eastown Rd all being closed.

Photo / Bevan Conley

Local social media groups were flooded with images of the inferno, including his video from Ann Deni (Langauge Warning)

FENZ confirmed that the incident was a third alarm level fire, meaning resources from as far away as New Plymouth & Palmerston North were dispatched to Whanganui to assist in controlling the blaze.

Crews from Marton, Milson, and Ratana were also in attendance. A St John Ambulance was also dispatched to the fire, however, there have been no reports of injuries.

A Civil Defence responder who attended the scene said that the nearby Whanganui East Pool, which sits only a few metres from the Eastown timber yard appeared to be unaffected.

James Richardson, managing director of Eastown Timber Processors Ltd said to the Whanganui Chronicle that the fire appeared to be mostly out by about 9:30 am and confirmed that Police and Fire & Emergency New Zealand were still on site.

Photo / Bevan Conley

At 9.45 am the FENZ Communication Centre released a statement saying, “There is a significant volume of smoke being generated in the area due to this fire. If you are in the vicinity, please stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed.”

The statement went on to say that anyone in the surrounding areas with health concerns caused by the smoke should freephone Healthline on 0800 611 116 for advice.

If you are concerned about smoke or fire in or around your area, call 111 immediately.