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Le Currents set to rock Taupo Dec 27th


Le Currents is the newest festival set to rock Aotearoa this summer on December 27 with a well-crafted and curated line-up of indie and alternative bands, plus a selection of DJs.

Created by leading event creators 116 Group, Le Currents Riva Stage will feature Mako Road, The Beths, Marlin’s Dreaming, Soaked Oats, Summer Thieves, The Butlers, There’s A Tuesday and Molly & The Chromatics, as well as DJs that will feature on the La Danse Stage.

Set to be a homage to festivals from yesteryear, it’ll give a nod to the likes of Sweetwaters and Woodstock, with the main stage featuring a selection of indie/surf rock bands. Alongside the bands will be a smaller stage nestled amongst the trees delivering a dose of house music.

Tickets for the Le Currents festival are on sale from 7.00pm, Tuesday September 15 at www.lecurrents.co.nz

Held against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Taupo, Riverside Park is the perfect setting to enjoy what will be a true celebration of New Zealand’s top bands, art and culture.

The idea of the festival is to step away from traditional line ups and go for a festival that once again puts bands as the centrepiece.

“Currently all the major festivals in Aotearoa seem to be dominated by electronic and hip hop acts, with only a sprinkling of indie or alternative music,” says festival promoter, Toby Burrows.

“We acknowledge the explosion of the indie/surf rock scene here and firmly believe this segment of the industry and market deserve a ‘marquee’ event that is designed and delivered specifically for them.”

“New Zealand is full of beautiful lakes but very few live music events based around them, and this location is just too good not to celebrate!” adds festival promoter, Pato Alvarez.

“This is one of those festivals that just makes complete sense; the location, artists, and overall vibe. It all happened so naturally, that we know the delivery on the day will be just as spectacular as the hype leading in!” says festival promoter, Mitch Lowe.