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The Price Of Whittaker’s Has Gone Up AGAIN


The company has announced its chocolate will be more expensive from next week. Photo credit: Facebook/Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers

And Idk How Many Times I Can Go Through This….

Sit down for this news if you love a cheeky choccy treat. Whittaker’s Chocolate announced that they have raised the price of their delicious chocolate AGAIN… that’s TWICE in less than 12 months!

After their last announcement back in October, the chocolatier took to Facebook on Friday to announce to their loyal customers that the price increase is the only option for the company to keep producing quality choccy.

Whittaker’s explained: “Our costs continue to rise, and we will never cut into these costs by compromising on our quality ingredients.”

“We promise to continue crafting world-class chocolate from our factory in Porirua. Thank you for your incredible, continued support,” the company finished.

I mean we understand, but “ouch” as I check what little funds I have left in my bank account.

Apparently the choccy blocks are going for up to $7.09 in some supermarkets and I’ve never been more concerned for my wallet!
With the second price hike in a year, there’s no doubt the company is feeling the pressure, but their transparency and honesty with their customers are what is keeping the chocolate lovers around – and I’d argue that Hazella has something to do with that too because in all seriousness I would fork out $20 for a block of that goodness. That new blondie and biscuit block though… straight in the bin. Wouldn’t even pay a buck! Sorry, not sorry.

So, the decision of whether to put petrol in my car or eat my favourite choc snack is becoming a little too much for me to fathom, I have decided that walking is my only option.

Thanks though Whittaker’s, for being honest and giving us a heads up that a beloved sweet treat is now more spency than ever… along with everything else though am-i-right?!