WATCH: Check out the NEW Murals in the Rivercity!


Over the years Whanganui has earned the title of “The Art Capital of NZ”. And when your walk around the city and see some of the AMAZING new murals it’s little wonder why!

‘Whanganui Walls’ has just wrapped up for 2021 and has seen some incredible installations come to life on the walls of Whanganui.

“Whanganui walls hosts some of the worlds top street artists from Aotearoa and overseas. The festival creates an interesting, high quality open air gallery for everyone to experience and enjoy. following the success of the event in 2019 we are looking forward to bringing this vibrant art festival back with the addition of a small music festival in 2021. ” – Shanti Sibbing, Event Manager

Next time you’re in the Rivercity be sure to go check out these amazing works!


Photos/Rivercity Press Wanganui

Video/Corbie Films