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Water restrictions lifted for Taupō


Good news for Taupō! 

Today the Taupō District Council announced that water restrictions have been removed. The Taupō district entered level one water restrictions on December 13 in anticipation of high demand over summer.

As demand reduces, level one restrictions are no longer required. Taupō District Council Asset Manager Water, Tom Swindells said it’s always good for people to be mindful of their water use.

“Water is not an infinite resource and often people look out to the lake and don’t quite understand that regardless of the lake level, our water treatment plants can only treat a certain amount of water per day”

Credit / Destination Great Lake Taupō

Mr. Swindells went on to say “It’s great that water consumption has been reduced and that we can lift the restrictions, but we always want to remind people to be aware of their water use and use their sprinklers and water systems responsibly,”

Water Alert Level – Taupō District

No restrictions. Water restrictions have been lifted for the entire Taupō district.
Residents and visitors are asked to conserve and use water responsibly, as always.