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Whanganui vaccination rates by suburb


This article was originally posted on the Whanganui Chronicle. 

Gonville and Castlecliff have the lowest Covid-19 vaccination rates in Whanganui, according to Ministry of Health data on rates within suburbs.

The data, released publicly last week, details the number of residents either partially or fully vaccinated in every suburb in the country.

In Whanganui, the western side of Gonville had the lowest number of people vaccinated – just 53 per cent with at least one dose.

Western Gonville was closely followed by Castlecliff East, with 58.1 per cent having been jabbed at least once.

Castlecliff West, alongside the northern and southern parts of Gonville followed with around 65 per cent having had first doses, with Aramoho sitting on the same figure.

Whanganui East sat slightly higher with around 70 per cent having had a jab, while College Estate sat at around 77 per cent.

The area known as Upper Whanganui, which includes all of the remote Whanganui awa settlements from Parakino to Jerusalem, sat at 67 per cent having had at least one dose.

The eligible population of that area is estimated to be 938.

The northern suburbs of Whanganui had much higher vaccination rates, with upwards of 80 per cent having had at least one dose.

St Johns Hill East was the most vaccinated suburb in the entire Whanganui DHB region, nearing 88 per cent having at least one dose.