A terrifying video of a Boeing aircraft aborting its landing was captured in Prague as the plane went up against some very strong cross winds.

Videographer, Radko Nasinec, captured the cringe-worthy footage of the Boeing 737-430 narrowly avoiding a crash as its wheels grazed the runway.

The video, which was shot at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague, Czech Republic, shows the passenger plane swaying back and forth and dipping to the right as it was attempting its first landing, according to ABC News.

In the video, the plane can been seen descending and preparing for a landing.

During the aircraft’s descent, the plane rocked from side to side.

As the plane attempted to land, the pilot was forced to pull up quickly because of the large gusts of wind that caused it to sway violently back and forth.

The pilot, who has been hailed a hero, reascended and flew the plane back into the holding pattern in preparation for the second landing.

During the second attempt to land, the plane once again swayed back and forth on its way down, but this time the pilot was able to make a safe landing.