A McDonald’s customer received a hero’s reception after pouring his drink over a girl who was ‘fat shaming’ another man.

The woman and her friend berate the helpless chap about his weight, as he just stands there without saying anything.

The incident was actually a social experiment  acted out and uploaded to YouTube a year ago, but it has just started to go viral this week.

The blonde and brunette pair say that he is costing the NHS money by eating at the diner while already being too fat and tell him that he needs to either leave or get a salad.

As he tries to get a response out, the girls interrupt him. All he is able to get initially is a comforting arm around the shoulder from one man.

From out of shot, the hero of the hour emerges to confront the girls in a more forceful manner.

He lifts up his belly and proclaims “I’ve got a belly as well, what?” but they say it is nothing compared to the man he is defending.

The lid is sneakily taken off his drink while asking them “how dare you?”

Finally, he pours its contents over the brunette girl’s head and the restaurant subsequently goes wild with applause.

The experiment was aimed at seeing whether or not people in the fast food chain would stop and help him, or just sit back and let him take the abuse.

This man certainly passed the test.