Nothing ruins an anger fueled rant like the work “Duck”

We’re talking about when you want to tell your friend you’re f***ing starving and to hurry the f**k up, but your iPhone changes it to “ducking” and “duck.”

We’re nearing Apple‘s 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, and the device still refuses to recognize common curse words. (Steve Jobs memorably insisted on keeping the iPhone PG-rated.) Damn! But one genius posted a workaround on Twitter that let’s you drop expletives with ease.

So brilliant! So simple!

Just create a new iPhone contact for “f**k f**ker” (or any other curse words that your operating system tries to autocorrect) for unobstructed swearing. Any time you try to write “f**k” on the iPhone, Apple will think you’re mentioning a friend, and your phone will never duck you over again.

It works. (Warning: offensive language below)

This brilliant iPhone hack is the perfect solution to that "ducking" autocorrect problem