A photo of a little girl and her mer-dad at Disneyland has the internet collectively saying “awww”.

The picture of the daddy-daughter duo was shared to Imgur, where it has now been viewed over 1.5 million times.

And it’s not hard to see why. The photo is pure #dadgoals.

mermaid and her mer-dad at disneyland

Mer-dad joins the ranks of dads who have gone above and beyond to make their kids smile. Here are some of our other favourite #dadgoal moments:

This dad dressed up as Princess Leia:
Two years ago for Halloween, when his daughter decided she wanted to dress up as Han, Tom Burns agreed to be the Leia to her Solo.  And the result – complete with Leia’s iconic hairdo – is downright adorable.


Here’s David Beckham stitching his daughter Harper’s doll a dress:


Harper has daddy stitching her dollies dresses!!! We love you @davidbeckham ❤️ #lovingdaddy #proudmummy #familyfun ?? x vb

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And letting Harper do his hair:


Someone is trying to make daddy feel pretty today after a heavy night

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This dad had a tattoo done to match his son’s brain surgery scar:

This dad wore a skirt to support his 5-year-old son who likes to wearing dresses sometimes: 


Writing for the Huffington Post, dad Nils Pickert explained:

“He is my son, not my property. I don’t own him. If there is such a thing as owning a human being, he owns me. I made him, I dreamed of him, I longed for him; now he is in my life, and I am responsible for him as long as there is breath in me. So I teach him the rules and what to do with them. Not every rule makes sense… It is not OK for anybody to mess with my son about his outfit. Hence I wear dresses and skirts so that any person who has a problem with that and feels the necessity to express his or her resentments can mess with me.