It’s supposed to be a mythical creature hiding somewhere in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but has Bigfoot finally been captured on video in Indonesia?

Footage shot in the south east Asian country appears to show an enormous creature walking upright through a waterfall and rolling green hillside.

While on the somewhat distorted clip it can’t be determined exactly what the creature is, some conspiracy theorists are believing it may finally be the real deal.
The video begins with a wide shot of a stunning Indonesian mountain range.

All appears still and quiet until suddenly there’s movement to the left of a waterfall.

What looks to be the large Bigfoot emerges out of nowhere, walking in front of the cascading water.

After just a short few seconds the large figure – which appears to be glistening in the sun – disappears from view, but is incredibly forever recorded on camera.

While the Daily Star reports that some think the video is legitimate, others are a bit more skeptical.

Some believe that judging from the height of the creature in comparison to the waterfall, the video is just one of hundreds of fakes littered across the internet.

It is unclear when the legend of Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, was first created, however most sightings are attributed to being black bears.

Adding to the intrigue over this video however is the fact that the large bears are not found in Indonesia.