No instruments were used to recreate this version of Poi E.

Instead, Waikato student Alana McDonald used the sounds of kiwiana – gumboots, number eight wire, Marmite.

L & P bottles, Weetbix, Pinapple Lumps and even a sly “chur” play starring roles.

But it wasn’t an easy task, she says.

“My third week I was nearly going to throw in the towel, I was so over it.

“Because I’m not a video student that side of it was stressing me out. Some of my mates in class told me to carry on. Sometimes you just need that confidence booster. There were points in there where it was hard. When my ideas started coming to fruition it just started flowing, and you feel real good about it.”

The project took four weeks to complete.

All the sounds in the video come care of the objects featured.

She first had to record the sounds and then had to edit it to recreate the song.

All we know is, it brings new meaning to the song Poi-E. It was already an unofficial Kiwiana anthem, and now, well, it literally IS a Kiwiana anthem!