Taking care of poor health in Taumarunui residents has become number one priority, and the Whanau Ora Navigators are now learning how to have a healthy dry home. Having recently had a workshop on healthier homes, Maria McKenzie said the training was hugely beneficial for them to go out and educate whanau.

Eco design advisor for the Hamilton City Council, Ian Mayes has been giving his two cents recommending bubble wrap and wool blankets to cover windows as an affordable alternative. Double layered curtains on all windows are ideal, the double layers keeping the warmth in. However cheap curtains can also be made from old sheets and blankets on the windows too.

Mayes said “The truth is this country is in dire respiratory illness.

“We need to understand the scale of the problem because we’ve got our heads in the sand. We’re waking up but we’ve got a long way to go.”

Start popping up that bubble wrap guys!