FIVE THINGS you need to know ready for Fieldays starting tomorrow!

1. GET THE PARKING APP – Whether you have been before or are going for the first time, get the parking app. The parking wardens park around 20,000 cars a day so as you can imagine there are a few utes about. If you get the Fieldays app you can pin where your car is parked and then find it when your on your way back out! (The map also shows you which stalls are where and who all the exhibitors are). Download the app here.

2. OR TAKE A BUS – If you don’t want the hassle of finding your car at the end of the day, take the bus! There are free services for ticket holders from Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Hamilton. Park your car at the bus station and ride care-free. The bus timetable is here.

3. LADIES THERE’S A RURAL BACHELOR COMPETITION – Maybe you are going willingly to fieldays, then fair enough, alongside the livestock you should check out these fellas. But if you are being dragged against your will, you DEFINITELY should go check out the bachelor competition. If you are going with your partner, hey, you can always look right? One event for you… one event for meeee.

4. VISIT THE NEW HEALTH HUB AREA – There will be 30 exhibitors dedicated to health and well being, focusing on people who live in Rural areas. Your health and well being is just as important for you as it is for your livestock, worth a look we reckon!

5. PLAN YOUR DAY – Make sure you know where and what you want to go to… there are over 1000 exhibitors around the place + displays so it can get a little overwhelming (especially if you see the Rural bachelors first off). Plan what you want to go to by checking out the activities list here. Trust us, it’ll be worth it in the end.

If you are unlucky and can’t make this years Fieldays, plan ahead!

These are the Fieldays Dates for upcoming years.

13-16 June, 2018
12-15 June, 2019
10-13 June, 2020.