The Ministry for Primary Industries has issued a recall notice for Jimmy’s Pies after someone with an MSG allergy experienced a “choking incident” after eating a pie.
The notice, published online today, recalls specific batches of Jimmy’s brand Mince and Mince and Cheese pies “due to the presence of an undeclared ingredient, monosodium glutamate (MSG).”

Varieties of the noted Central Otago brand’s individual, paper-wrapped pies affected include Jimmy’s Mince and Cheese Pie (170g), Jimmy’s Mince Pie (170g).

Batches up to and including number 8250, and after 8253, are not affected by the recall.

Jimmy’s owner Dennis Kirkpatrick said the “unintentional” addition had come to light when a customer queried the company’s use of MSG in its pies recently. The source of the MSG,  had inadvertently been included in an ingredient supplied to the company.

“We take an incident like this very seriously, and have apologised to the customers concerned, and are taking steps to recall, label or make our customers aware of any pies containing MSG they may have in storage.”

Source: NZ Herald.

Image: Photo/Supplied


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