The Christmas movie genre is about as generic and prolific as they get. As proof, just check out this list of more than 100 Christmas movie posters with white heterosexual couples wearing red and green.

The family is together and, after a nice big dinner, you want to relax in the lounge and chuck on a movie.

These are the eight best Christmas movies to stream this silly season.

  • LOVE ACTUALLY – It’s a classic, fun for everyone kind of film, and available on Neon and Netflix!
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding – If you want a bit of cheese with that Christmas ham, this movie is what you need, and is available only on Netflix.
  • HOME ALONE – This movie is playing on TV3 all the time around the holiday season which means you can stream it for free on the TV3 app. It’s well worth it to watch an adorable Macaulay Culkin.
  • Bad moms 2 – This has really scraped in onto the list, it’s debatable how good this movie is truely. But with the silly season we seem to forget that and give anything a go, so find this one on Neon and Lightbox
  • The Christmas Chronicles – If you’re a fan of Kurt Russell then this one is for you, no other reason really. Find it on Netflix.
  • ELF – This is probably PEAK Will Ferrell right here, maybe that’s a little harsh to say but…. would you argue with this point? Really? Find Elf on Lightbox and Netflix!
  • Almost Christmas – It’s a classic put-aside-our-differences-for-the-joy-of-Christmas kind of movies that might resonate a little too well on the day. Find it on Neon!
  • The night before – If you like a good “what is happening” Seth Rogan film, this is perfect! Probably not suitable for the whole family though…. find it on Lightbox and Netflix!

Source: Newshub


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