She hasn’t been seen nor heard from on social media for months, but Lorde has been spotted paying a visit to one of the most remote parts of the world in the name of environmental science.

She visited Antarctica with scientists and paid a visit to the Polar Trec laboratory at Scott’s Discovery Hutt, Ross Island, near the McMurdo Science Station.

“Today was a no-fly day so we had some extra lab time. That turned out to be an okay thing because we were paid a visit at our lab by New Zealand’s famous singer-songwriter Lorde,” Polar Trec wrote in their latest journal entry.

“The environment is lucky to have famous people like her taking an interest in getting the real facts, the science, of what is really happening to our Earth.

“She was so interested as Dr Adams expressed his concern to get this science right. What is being done here, by this LTER Project, could have implications that could lead to the Earth’s future conditions. Lorde seemed sincerely interested in this work.”

Source: NZ Herald

Image: Instagram


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