The proposal to establish the commercial fly-line tourism venture at Hipapatua Reserve (Reid’s Farm) has been given approval, subject to mutually agreed licence conditions being negotiated and agreed to by the Taupō District Council.

Fly-Line is a mono-tube suspended from appropriate trees (and poles where necessary) by wire cables. Visitors are safety-strapped into a specially designed seated sling and travel at controlled speeds of around 6-12 kmh.

New Zealand – and Taupō – would be the first location outside of Europe to operate this system.

One concern among some of the locals is whether the taxpayer will have to fork out for it, but Schmid said the fly-line was a privately funded venture.

An assessment will now be undertaken on whether resource and building consents are required before the licence conditions are negotiated.

Source: Taupo Times (Steph Rangi)

Image: Supplied


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