Amy Jones, 18, said the offending 180-gram Cadbury Crunchie block was bought at Hornby Pak ‘n Save.

Jones said the block of chocolate was unusually difficult to break a piece off and and she found it had bits of plastic through it.

While she did not eat any of the contaminated chocolate, she found the plastic pieces in only two squares. Jones said that after emailing Cadbury on Tuesday night, Cadbury offered to collect the chocolate and send vouchers.

“Cadbury is a brand that Kiwis trust but this makes me question that,” Jones said.

According to the Reader’s Digest trust survey about a decade ago Cadbury was one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands. But last year it did not register on the survey, and was replaced by Kiwi company Whittakers.

Source: (Anuja Nadkarni)

Image: Supplied to Stuff


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