BurgerFuel has announced a collab with Alternative Meat Co. in the form of a new veggo-friendly burger.

Called the ‘Alternative Muscle’ Burger (which BurgerFuel ‘regulars’ will recognise is a twist on their American Muscle Burger), it features a 100% plant based patty which looks, and,  allegedly tastes, just like real meat!

To complete the burger, melted cheddar, tangy pickles, Dijon mustard, tomato relish and BurgerFuel’s famous aioli are added. While the plant-based burger is targeted more at omnivores, flexitarians and vegetarians, people who prefer a vegan meal won’t miss out. For an extra cost, the burger can be made completely vegan, using a special grill to cook the patty, which is otherwise prepared alongside other meats.

It hits stores today (05/11/2019) so try it out and let us know how it goes!



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