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One of the greatest inventions in human history, without a doubt, is the dishwasher. Saving time, saving arguments and now, it seems the humble dishwasher has been under utilised.

An old episode of Mythbusters has broken open the floodgates on what dishwashers are truly capable of, and it’s shown that “dishwasher cusine” may not be as unappetising as it sounds…

An experiment, conducted this month by Australian consumer advocacy group Choice, looked into this bizarre phenomenon to determine whether or not it was safe to cook stuff in your dishwasher.

The company’s white goods tester whipped up a meal of honey soy salmon, coconut rice, an Asian style spinach and mushrooms, and a darling little custard and fruit compote.

The verdict? “Delicious!” Apparently.


In order to cut through all that grime and grease on our dirty crockery, dishwashers are designed with a heating element inside.

Once a cycle is activated, the unit can reach temperatures of about 62 degrees, which is high enough to cook certain proteins and vegetables, but low enough to not shatter glasses or other fragile items stacked inside.

Many experts have likened ‘dishwasher cookery’ to the sous vide method — a French style of cooking where food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag, submerged in a warm water bath, and cooked over a long period of time.

It’s suggested to put your meal in several zip lock bags or pop it in an airtight jar or dishwasher safe container. Other people recommend wrapping your meal in four or five sheets of aluminium foil.

The report also recommended cooking your dinner in a dishwasher packed with dirty dishes, because “the fuller your machine is, the more stable the temperature, and stable temperatures make cooking easier.”

So there you have it, dishwasher Christmas ham anyone!?


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