Street rubbish bags, footpath, Christchurch, New Zealand, Saturday, October 28, 2006. Credit:NZPA/Ross Setford WMM 08Feb14 - WAITING: Is our rubbish collection up to scratch? PHOTO/FILE RGP 12Jun14 - EYESORE: Rubbish collection day in the inner-city is not a good look, suggests a writer. PHOTO/FILE WGP 05Dec17 - DITCHED: Envirowaste is no longer picking up rubbish bags in Whanganui.

Sourced from the Whanganui Chronicle

The price for general waste bag collection stickers in Whanganui has increased, which has left residents puzzled.

Waste Management increased the wholesale price for their general waste bag collection stickers in July but won’t say by how much – and that retailers were free to set their own prices for stickers.

Some residents are claiming prices have increased from $2.60 to $3.80, the highest increasing to $4 per sticker.

While Waste Management would not comment on how much its wholesale price increased, it said there were a number of factors influencing waste collection and disposal.

“This includes the increased cost of purchasing emission units as part of the New Zealand Government’s Emission Trading Scheme, increased disposal charges to landfill and transportation costs associated with the collection of the bags.”

The spokesperson said Waste Management reviews its prices annually, taking into consideration significant changes to costs such as fuel increases, disposal costs or government charges.


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