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The US House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald Trump, with the house split as severely as the nation over the conduct of the 45th American president.

A majority of lawmakers found the US President guilty of abusing his power and obstructing the work of Congress on Thursday.

The Democrat-controlled House voted 230-197 of the first Article of Impeachment, relating to the abuse of power. The vote fell almost entirely along party lines with just two Democrats voting against impeachment and no Republicans voting in favour. The second Article of Impeachment passed, as well.

The process would now move to the Republican-controlled Senate in the new year, which would hold a trial to see if Trump would be removed from office. As the Senate is controlled by Republicans, Trump faces no realistic prospect of having his presidency cut short. In the meantime, the president remained in power.

It would require around 20 Republican senators to vote against him to achieve the two-thirds “super-majority” required to remove a president from office.

After the historic vote the White house released a statement saying it is confident the Senate would exonerate Trump in a trial after the House voted to impeach him for abusing his power and obstructing Congress.


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