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New Zealand has been named the fifth best country for dating in the world.

That’s according to a new report published by, which used data taken from surveys with more than 16,000 people aged 14 to 35 from 60 countries.

One main reason New Zealand rated highly as top place to date was due to the fact that “you’re more likely to find a date in person than online”, with the report concluding “old-fashioned dating remains very prominent in New Zealand”.

Countries were rated according to five attributes: friendliness, fun, sexiness, trustworthiness and approachability.

Topping the list was Brazil, with its people who “are emotional, passionate and love to love, making it a great place for a short-term fling or a long-term relationship”.

According to the report, Kiwis were rated as great lovers because as a country we are “easy-going with a hard work ethic…love to have a good time and aren’t prone to judgment”.

The report went on to say that, “because they don’t take themselves too seriously, people from New Zealand aren’t afraid to have a fun time, whether it’s a wild night of lovemaking or heading down to the local bar for a few drinks.”

Foreigners dating a Kiwi were warned to “be prepared for their honesty” as “Kiwis aren’t afraid to tell someone how they really feel, whether that’s positive or negative”.

They were also advised not to overdo the first date.

“Given their laid-back attitude, it’s no surprise to hear Kiwis aren’t overly fussed on big romantic gestures for a first date. Most prefer a casual encounter as opposed to anything romantic, so ditch the candlelit dinner for a beer or cup of coffee.”

Although Kiwis may have beaten out such countries as France and Mexico to gain our place as a top-rated dating country, it seems we aren’t quite good enough to compete with our trans-Tasman neighbours.

Australia came in at number four on the list, with the report praising Aussies’ confidence and the fact “they aren’t shy when it comes to their wants and desires”.

Top 10 countries for dating:

1 – Brazil

2 – Italy

3 – Spain

4 – Australia

5 – New Zealand

6 – Canada

7 – Thailand

8 – Netherlands

9 – France

10 – Mexico


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