Wear and tear on the temporary access road through the Parapara’s on SH4 was sighted this week by motorists but the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) say the cracks are nothing to worry about.

The two-lane temporary access road was opened to the public late last year, after a slip cut off access to and from Whanganui via SH4.

The NZTA’s monitoring team picked up surface cracking at the SH4 Te Ore Ore slip site south of Raetihi on Tue 24 Dec. Thier geotechnical team completed an initial site visit the next day and they have continued to closely monitor it since then.

The cracking is the sort of gradual land movement that the NZTA had been expecting, and is within acceptable and safe tolerances. Although the cracks are obvious, monitoring indicates there are no immediate concerns to public safety and no immediate need to close the road.

A dedicated team has been working on a preferred long-term solution since the slip occurred. NZTA intend to engage and consult with the public once they have more information to share.


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