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The Government will allow many essential goods to be purchased online in a significant loosening of the level four lockdown rules in place to curb the spread of coronavirus.

These goods include heaters, blankets, fridges, and computers.

But purchases will only be allowed online or over-the-phone and the goods must be delivered.

A statement from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) released on Monday said only goods that were truly essential should be sold.

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The statement said “essential goods are those that will keep people warm (heaters, blankets), replace key household appliances, and maintain people’s health.”

“Examples of essential products are blankets, fridges, heaters and computers or tablets to work from home or do distance learning, or simply connect with people. If people can’t buy these, then we risk people venturing out of their homes more often.”

The statement asks business to act responsibly by only selling items that are truly necessary and the public to act responsibly by only ordering items they truly needed.

Home deliveries must be “contactless” and appropriate measures must be used to make sure delivery staff can maintain distance.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday that it was key that New Zealanders be able to replace such appliances if they broke down heading into winter.

She remained staunch against calls to allow local greengrocers and butchers to open however, saying this introduced too much risk.


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