Ruapehu District Mayor Don Cameron said that it is more important than ever for us to keep to the self-isolation rules.

“Most people in Ruapehu can be very proud of their commitment to following the lockdown rules however there is still a small minority who need to have a good hard think about their behaviour,” he said.

“The more people comply with the rules the higher the likelihood that the Level 4 restrictions will not go beyond the current planned four weeks.

The Prime Minister noted that some regions may stay under lockdown longer if there is evidence that cases of COVID-19 are not under control there.

Because of our isolation and small population base Ruapehu has every opportunity to be one of the first areas to have Level 4 restrictions relaxed.

Getting COVID-19 under control is the first critical step toward getting the lockdown lifted and starting the recovery of our economy and lifestyle.

The length of time Ruapehu is under Level 4 restrictions is totally in our hands. The longer we are in lockdown the longer and more painful the recovery will be.

For the sake of our health, economy and community wellbeing I would urge people to stick to the rules.

Mayor Cameron reiterated the importance of staying home within your immediate bubble of people.

“If you do need to venture out it should only be if absolutely necessary and then you should stay close to home.

People should not be travelling long distances such as between townships, districts or around the region.

If you are aware of people breaking the restrictions please make use of the Police online form at to report this,” he said.


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