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Drinking during the day to help stave off lockdown boredom could cause longer-term issues for some people, Salvation Army’s national director of addictions says.

Just having a couple of beers every afternoon will start to to build a pattern of much heavier alcohol use, Lt Colonel Lynette Hutson said.

“That really concerns us.

“And some people, because of the anxieties of our situation, are going to end up with a problem. Drinking more is not the answer for your anxiety or your boredom.”

For people who have masked their drinking in the past or pretended it was ok, lockdown is going to be difficult, she said.

“It’s going to make a whole lot of people review their drinking, and for some people that’s going to feel a really desperate space, because they may not have acknowledged how important it is for them.

There are a lot more people in this situation than most Kiwis realise, she said.

“The Salvation Army is only a phone call away. We can support you right away. There are AA online meetings, lots of ways to get help”

The Salvation Army is an essential service, so they are still working and its bridge programmes are in business and still able to provide people with support.


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