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According to stats released by one of New Zealand’s biggest online sex toy distributors, Kiwi’s have been turning to the bedroom to ease the boredom of lockdown.

Emily Wright of Adult Toy Megastore said demand for their products spiked on two important dates.

“The first was on March 11 just after the [World Health Organisation] officially announced a pandemic,” she said.

The company was puzzled at first.

“Then we started looking at what people were buying.”

It seemed as the world’s population began hoarding essentials – it wasn’t just toilet paper flying off the shelves.

“Customers were buying large packs of condoms and really big litres of lube. People were clearly stockpiling.”

Wright said in New Zealand there was also a second spike on March 23 – the same day the Government declared a Level 4 lockdown would go into effect.

“When [Prime Minister] Jacinda Ardern made the announcement at one o’clock there was an immediate surge.”

But while the WHO announcement caused a rush for essentials, this time customers had a boring month at home on their mind.

There were a lot of sales in beginner toys.

Psychologist Dr Jessica Maxwell, from the University of Auckland, said the use of adult toys could be used as a way to find comfort in the face of the worldwide pandemic.

“One motivation for having sex or using sexual toys is to relieve stress so it makes total sense that you see people wanting to use these during this time.”

It was also possible some people were making the best of a bad situation by grasping the opportunity to try something new, she said.

“A lot of couples are doing new hobbies like baking bread. Anything novel, whether in the bedroom or not, is good for your mental health.”

However, she warned not everyone would be in the mood and that’s okay.

“I would just say though stress and anxiety can be absolute killers to sex drive so it’s totally normal if you’re not interested.”

Adult Toy Megastore has been named essential service by the Government due to its sale of condoms and medical items.



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