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  • Playgrounds will remain out of bounds, bubbles would need to be kept “tight” – with siblings taught in family groups – and toys such as Lego and blocks had to be used “prudently”.
  • Students would be kept in small groups. There would be as much physical distancing as possible and surfaces would be thoroughly cleaned. Not mixing groups and not using common spaces would also help to keep teachers and students safe.
  • In the event there were not enough teachers for the number of children in school or early childhood education centres (ECE), the Ministry would step in to help those facilities manage, this could involve teachers being invited to go and work in different schools, or having relievers come on board.
  • During a Facebook live stream last night (21/04/2020) Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield stated anyone with any symptoms, even a sneeze, shouldn’t go into a school or ECE.
  • The Ministry of Education was also recommending that students with special needs continue to stay home at alert level 3


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