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Auckland based social entrepreneur Sarah Colcord created the New Zealand Made Products Facebook page to help small businesses throughout New Zealand that are struggling due to coronavirus reach a wider customer base.

The reception to the page has surpassed Sarah’s expectations, within 10 days of launching the page it already had 119,000 members, but as of April 30, that number had rocketed to 273,524 members.

The page has already helped many businesses to continue operating under Covid-19 restrictions.

Craft Brewing Co. were expecting to shut up shop for the entirety of the lockdown period, however, after a post made to the New Zealand Made Products Facebook group, they sold out of both drinks they’re currently able to offer, with 90% of sales coming through the Facebook group.

There’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to which Kiwi-made products are available on the Facebook group; soaps, candles and jewellery featuring prominently, as well as upcycled furniture, high-country salmon, holiday accommodation and cleaning products.

Anyone can become a member, as long as you have a Facebook account, check it all out by clicking HERE.



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