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The Government’s contract tracing app has been released a day early, with Kiwis able to download the tool tonight.

The app, named NZ Covid Tracer, was due to launch on Wednesday, but Kiwis have been able to load it on their devices and sign up on Tuesday night. It is unclear why it was released a day early.

Once signed in, users are able to scan QR codes at businesses, public buildings and other organisations to track where they have been for contract tracing purposes.

From there, people can see their “check-in” history.

Users can also register their details to the National Close Contact Service in order for them to be able to contact quickly if needed.

A feature coming soon to the app is a “daily self-isolation check-in” which help those who are by themselves to complete a daily health check-in in case they need help.

The app also links to other contact-tracing resources and also provides Covid-19 update notifications.

It also has a nice reminder at the bottom of the homepage, advising people to remember to wash their hands often with soap.

User’s data is kept securely on their phones. It will be stored for 31 days and then automatically deleted, according to the app.

“By signing up to this app, you’re helping keep yourself and your family safer and supporting New Zealand to stop the spread of Covid-19,” Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield is seen quoted on the website linked to the app.

“This will ensure we can all return to doing the things we enjoy as soon as possible.”

Jacinda Ardern announced last Wednesday the Government would be launching a “digital diary app” to aid physical contact tracing methods.

Ardern said it was simply a way of recording where you’ve been and didn’t need significant sign-up to be effective.

The app is now available on the Apple Store and Google Play.


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