We’re not ones to turn down some good ol’ french fries …

But eating them immediately after sex – like, straight after sex – sounds a tad strange to us.

However, according to a study by ChannelMum, post-sex fries are the latest and greatest sworn-by old wives’ tale to help boost fertility.

That’s right, women who are trying to conceive believe the high salt content from the chips helps improve their chances of putting a bun in the oven.

ChannelMum says their research revealed 71 per cent of people try some “wacky” methods in a bid to get pregnant.

Here are some of the other methods that aspiring mums have tried:

  • Wear socks during sex and for the week after to keep your feet warm
  • Eat dark chocolate every day
  • Avoid having an orgasm for a week after sex
  • Use reverse psychology and tell yourself you don’t want a baby
  • Eat pineapples and drink pineapple juice
  • Wear green and use green bedsheets
  • Pierce your nose on the left side
  • Don’t just put your legs in the air but ‘bicycle’ them for at least three minutes
  • Sleep in total darkness. Switch off your phones, devices and wifi
  • And for the men – wear frozen underwear


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