A builder has made this budding apprentice’s day by leaving behind this adorable ‘pay check’ for him.

The builder was doing some work around the house and the young boy proved enough of a help to warrent getting on the payroll!

“We have just had our patio done and my 6yo has loved going out and helping the builder, so it made his day to receive this. What an example of kindness.” the mum wrote on Twitter.

“Harry. For passing bricks. Passing little pavers. Pointing brick work. Mixing cement. Loading stone. Taking pictures of black birds and spider.” the note read.

“Saying why more times than I have ever heard anyone say why. And being a smashing little guy. Minus tax and national insurance – £10.”

While some have praised the builder for his kind thinking, others have said it probably wasn’t responsible having a young kid so close to the work site.


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