Well, apparently this is a thing…

Using Erection Cream as Lipfiller is the latest trend on Tiktok – Doctors are labeling this as an ‘extremely dangerous’ practice

Surpassing over 3.5 million views Tiktok user Jerry Mal tested a method of Lip Enhancement that he saw in a movie where you put erection cream on your lips to make them bigger.

Dr Ross Perry a GP & Medical Director said “Putting erection cream on your lips in a bid for a fuller pout is utterly ridiculous and can be extremely dangerous for a number of reasons.”Side effects could include but arent limited to allergic reactions like stinging, soreness, blisters, uncomfortable swelling, and cold sores

Last year Andy got a message from SKI Boss, Danni J. Saying that after an injury Andy had what Danni wanted for Christmas ‘fuller lips’…

So Andy & Annie took it upon themselves to deliver her a “Public Health Warning” while On Air

Disclaimer: We strongly advise that you DON’T try this at home! 

Have a look at the full Video from Jerry Mal…

@jerrybmaldonadoIf you know what movie I’m talking about please tell me because I want to watch it again #beauty #lips♬ original sound – Jerry Mal

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