Science Journalist turned Tiktoker, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has taken Tiktok by storm by revealing that when you mix alcohol with diet soft drink it actually gets you drunker, faster!

We’ll let Dr Karl explain…

@drkarlDRINKING ALCOHOL WITH DIET SOFT DRINK MAKES YOU DRUNKER. Ever wondered why? Here’s the answer #getonthebeers #drkarlkruszelnicki #drkarl #shoey

♬ original sound – Dr Karl


So there you have it, diet mixers get you tipsy faster. Big ups to Dr Karl for sharing this with us, we’re definitely going to put this nugget of knowledge to use (In a responsible way of course)

Also if you didn’t already notice it, the photo in the background at the start of the video is Dr Karl doing a shoey – What a bloody legend!




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