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The Blind Finch Ohakune is now Out Of Order!


The cat’s out of the bag… WHAT AN EPIC SURPRISE!! The Blind Finch, Hamburgeria in Ohakune is now Out Of Order. A tapas, craft beer and gin bar, that’s dine in only (because after Covid we are ALL sick of taking everything away, right?). Open from 5pm! Nice to see a positive change of tack and new hangout with a great vibe for the region. Way to go Derek!!

Read the full Media Release below:

The artist formally known as The Blind Finch, Ohakune is ready for a new era.

Now is the time of change, future-proofing and building a meeting, eating and social place that encompasses the new Ruapehu. Derek Allomes says, “The Ruapehu is reinventing, and it is no longer just about winter and the ski fields – and hasn’t been for quite some time.” “We’d like to introduce Out Of Order, our new restaurant for a new era in Ruapehu.”

If you’re into outdoor activities we are not going to put you on a production line and process you as a coach load like a Queenstown jet boat experience. All our operators genuinely want to show you a good time, are relaxed, passionate and if you are a little late back with that rental bike – that’s ok.

The real Ruapehu experiences are the ones you’ll never see promoted and actually it is all about the people that live here – from the ones who live here for a few months of the year or all year.

You want to talk about diversity, which is all the trend right now, Ruapehu has absolute extreme extremes of individuals. From international rock stars staying here for a few months of the year through to a former famous jewellery heist mastermind and those living completely alternative lifestyles in secret corners of our region – every type of individual you can imagine you will find here, and they all have a story. Out of Order is designed as a place where locals and visitors can have a great time without feeling like a processed tourist or visitor. Some of the greatest minds and talents in New Zealand are within a one-hundred-kilometre radius of Out Of Order – that’s the real Ruapehu – who never really cared for skiing or boarding. Talk to our people here and you’ll have an experience you won’t forget.

The Ruapehu is also a great place to come and do nothing. Just nothing. In fact, just prior to Covid the number one visitor activity wasn’t skiing or mountain biking it was actually drinking coffee – and yes, Out Of Order does that too. Does it really good.

We could just give you a menu and a spiel about how special Out Of Order will be, but really we would like to invite you to try it out. It’s just a new way – which includes no take outs. If you don’t dine here, you won’t experience “Out Of Order” and that’s what we are all about.

For further information please contact Derek Allomes

T: 021 124 0599   E: derek@theblindfinch.co.nz