Our Crew


Ski Mornings with Jeremy Matthews

This is the guy you NEED to talk to about local stuff. Ask about anything and he will be ‘in the know’.

Jeremy is our Ski Mornings host with Abby Lu every weekday.

He’s competitive on the slopes (you’ve probably spotted him up on Turoa), a dramatic thespian and lovely guy all round! He’s easy to listen to, and you can do so from 6am weekdays on-air and on iHeart radio!

Abby Lu

Hmmmm, it’s a little hard to describe when Abby Lu IS on-air, because when is she NOT on-air? Abby Lu handles all of Ski’s accurate weather, road and snow reports in the mornings and then plays you today’s hits from 10am weekdays… and it says here she’s on from 6:30am in the weekend… Is this even legal?

She’s your local goober that’ll make you feel just that little bit better about yourself. Abby Lu is so easy to love! On-air and on iHeart Radio daily!

Ski ‘noons with Sean

This is Sean, he regularly grows moustaches which are questionable. He says the things we are all thinking (but are too scared to say ourselves!) AND is just an all round cool, small town bloke. No filter would stop this guy!

Sean will keep you up-to-date on news, blues, crews and the mews of the Central North Island – never missing a thing! Catch him on-air and on iHeart Radio from 2pm daily!