Our Crew

Ski Mornings with Jeremy

This is the guy you NEED to talk to about local stuff. Ask about anything and he will be ‘in the know’.

Jeremy is our Ski Mornings host with Sean every weekday.

He’s competitive on the slopes (you’ve probably spotted him up on Turoa), a dramatic thespian and lovely guy all round! He’s easy to listen to, and you can do so from 6am weekdays on-air and on iHeart radio!

Ski Days with Danni J 

Danni J is Ski’s Midday presenter/Sean’s hungover day cover.

We’ve got to have someone to keep everyone else in line, and although Danni would much rather be joining in on the fun on-air from 10am weekdays, she quite often finds herself cracking the whip behind the scenes…but hey, if she wasn’t taking care of that, who knows what state Ski FM would be in!

Ski ‘Noons with Sean

This is Sean. He says the things we are all thinking (but are too scared to say ourselves!) How cliche right? No filter would stop this “cool” dude….

Sean will keep you up-to-date on the local buy/sell page gossip, up-to-date on which NZ broadcaster said he hates cats (psst, it rhymes with Guncan Darner), and everything else in between! Catch him on-air and on iHeart Radio from 2pm daily!