Our Crew


Ski Mornings with Jeremy Matthews

We asked him for a nice studio pic. He gave us a real estate agents biz card picture.

Jeremy is our Ski Mornings host with Jessie every weekday.

A competitive national snow-boarder, “polo cross champion” and bulging thespian who is a total over-achiever and quite moody at times, but boy we love him and you will too!

Weekdays from 6am on-air and on iHeart radio!

p.s He knows some excellent backcountry skiing secret stashes. Make sure you hit him up.



Jessie Furner

Our Ski Mornings brekky co-host host admits 4.30am starts can be pretty grueling and her most famous quote proves it: “I had 5 different alarms set including both my phones and I slept through…. Jeremy can you cover my first weather report please?”

Jessie looks after all of Ski’s accurate weather, road and snow reports. She plays you the hits on our afternoon Drive Show weekdays’ from 2pm and weekends’ from 6.30am. She is obsessed with Skiing, Macklemore, Candy Crush and when she’s not on-air you’ll probably find her at The Lucky Lizard in Taupo… 7 days a week. On-air and on iHeart Radio daily!

Ski ‘noons with Sean


This is Sean, our younger Hugh Grant lookalike. Although Sean has not received a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and an Honorary César for his work (or earned more than US$2.4 billion from 25 theatrical releases worldwide) he is still pretty damn special! (you’d have to be if you grew up in Matamata). Sean will keep you up-to-date on news, blues, crews and the mews of the Central North Island – never missing a thing! Catch him on-air and on iHeart Radio from 3pm daily!

Management & marketing team

Danni Jones

Where is Danni’s pic? Who knows. If she got off her phone once in a while maybe we’d have time to take one!! New one coming soon. Danni is our Operations Manager and keeps everything running smoothly… if there was ever such a thing! You’ll hear her on-air quite a bit filling in for our teams sick days, holidays, hungover days and Jessie’s sleep in days.

Iain Stables

Resident ‘Bad Boy’ a.k.a. Manchild who spent 80% of his adult life wrecking havoc on-air nationwide and the other 20% losing his cellphone (or not picking it up when it’s ringing).  Since growing up (kind of), Stables is now our Branded Content and Engagement Manager which is just really a flash title. Stables holds the record for the company’s highest expense claims to be reimbursed (can you even claim for cat biscuits?).

Phil King

Phil is one of our senior regional account managers who migrated from Auckland to the central North Island. Sports and outdoor mad he loves this part of NZ. He made the change from print to radio four years ago and has been an integral part of Ski’s development into Wanganui and Rangatikei.