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Latest IPhone Update Includes A Brand-New Feature All About Sending Nudes


Ever been caught off-guard by someone trying to send you an unsolicited d**k or t*t pic? Ew. Nothing jump scares us faster than an unsolicited and highly unwelcome snap of someone’s junk.

Well, Apple’s latest iOS 17 update is relieving our bodies of an unwanted adrenalin shock with the new update – your phone will flick you a notification as a heads-up that you’re about to open a nudie-rudie snap. It’ll look like this…

SOURCE: apple.com

Now that’s a notification I actually want to receive! You can delete delete delete faster than you can say, “red effing flag”. There is also the option to ‘show’ the image, if you do want a sneaky peak. No judge judy here. But, let’s be real, how many of us actually want to see a surprise close-up of someone’s private parts?

“You now have the option to blur sensitive photos and videos before you choose to view them. This feature will be available in Messages, AirDrop, Contact Posters in the Phone app, FaceTime messages, and third-party apps,” Apple explained in a statement.

SOURCE: apple.com

Of course, if you’re totally all for it, then this feature is 100% optional. Apple also promises that all the image and video processing happens right on your device. No sneaky peeks from Apple or any third parties. Phew!