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Billie Eilish and Finneas Play NPR’s Tiny Desk (From Home, They Swear)


What sort of witchcraft is Billie Eilish up to?

Despite the familiar shelves and bookcases, the 18-year-old singer and her brother, Finneas, didn’t dust off the NPR offices for their very first Tiny Desk. Or use green screens, as some fans in the comments assumed — you can clearly see Finneas’s shadow as he mouthes the lyrics along with Billie and strums on the guitar. “So, obviously, we are not actually at Tiny Desk because this is a cardboard cutout of it, but it’s still real,” Billie explains. “It’s just not in-person real. I’m honored to be here.” NPR didn’t reveal how they got an image of its closed office, but all that’s missing is the crowd of NPR employees and that skinny, skinny mic.

Billie and her bro perform their latest, “my future,” a love letter to tomorrow, and “everything I wanted,” a song about their friendship. Name a better brother-sister duo! For their second song, Finneas takes over at the keys and Billie gazes off as she sings. And at the very end, they let us in on the magic and zoom in to reveal the tiny box they created for their Tiny Desk Concert.


Sourced from Vulture.com