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Butter Hot? or Butter Cold?


This Australian woman has sparked a flurry of comments online after sharing her seemingly ‘controversial’ way of spreading butter on toast.

The woman questioned if she was the only one on the Budget Friendly Meals Australia Facebook group.

“Just a useless debate, but who likes to put butter on their toast when it’s still hot, or like me, prefers my toast to go cold and then put the butter on.” she wrote.

The simple question instantly sparked a slew of comments, with people calling the woman ‘plain wrong’.

“I have been married to a man for 27 years and just recently found that he lets his toast go cold before adding his spreads. Unacceptable.” one person said in response.

“Ewww, butter and Vegemite on hot toast always” added another

“Yuck. I loooove it when the butter and Vegemite melt together.” wrote someone else.

But her method wasn’t madness to everyone – some people did side with her!

One person agreed by saying “Cold. That is perfect Vegemite toast right there.”

“Cold and crunchy. I stand with you.” supported another.

While another person even went as far as saying “Burnt cold toast” was the best.

Who would’ve thought that toast would cause such a heated discussion!