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SH5 Napier-Taupo Rd: NZTA looks at dropping speed limit to 80km/h


NZTA is currently floating the idea of dropping the speed limit on State Highway 5 between Napier and Taupō down to 80 kilometres per hour

Waka Kotahi has proposed lowering the speed along the notorious road from 100km/h to 80km/h from Eskdale to just south of Rangitaiki – a distance of about 83km.

When talking to the Herald NZTA regional relationships director Emma Speight said that the speed limit review on the winding section of SH5 would aim to save lives and prevent serious injuries from crashes.

Speight went on to point out that even when speed doesn’t cause a crash, it’s a factor in the severity of impact.  “It can be the difference between a person being killed, seriously injured or walking away from a crash,”

Since 2010 (11 Years Ago) more than 150 people have lost their lives and/or been seriously injured in crashes along SH5

Are you in favour of lowering the limit?


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  1. Excellent to see that NZTA are following the science and getting the speed limits down to limits that will see deaths reduce. NZ is an outlier and to reduce road deaths to levels closer to the best performing countries (e.g. Sweden and the Netherlands) non divided rural roads must have limits reduced to no more than 80 km/hour. I find it embarrassing that NZ has such an appalling road safety record and is of the worst performing in the OECD.

  2. please lower speed at Eskdale, near the Church, especially when there is a service on. and put cameras up, as many people pass on the double yellow lines. Do not give permit for Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike club to use Eskdale Park as their hub, either by using Shaw road or Yule Road. also Waipunga Road, they show no consideration to other road users, There have been 3 road deaths along the straight by the Church, old Eskdale Hall and near old Orange orchard in last 25 years. The logging trucks go too fast as well, and leave litter on road sides.
    Waipunga road needs a pull off near the railway line when coming from the Taupo end,
    Speed kills, so please lower the speed to 60 kms from Beattie road area until the end of Taupo turn off, Its better to be a minute late than Dead on Time.