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WIN with the Jägermeister Cold Brew #InviteTheNight Summer Clubmix



Every Friday & Saturday Night from 8pm set your night in a direction that you’ll remember forever with the Jägermeister Cold Brew #InviteTheNight Clubmix!

Direct from Los Angeles, this is a global party On-Air & on iHeart Radio – 5 non-stop awesome hours with the biggest club bangers sending your night into the unexpected.

Jägermeister Cold Brew is the perfect pre-party match unleashing the nights potential in new and unexpected ways.
When pre-drinks turn into… pre-dawn.
When I can’t be out too late turns into… I’m not going home yet.
When waiting for an uber turns into… an uber night out.
When the night is brewing…. Jägermeister Cold Brew.

Want to win some epic Jäger merch? Keep an ear out for the activators during the Jägermeister Cold Brew #InviteTheNight Clubmix. Text the keyword on 2889 and we could be hooking you up!