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Two rescued from Tongariro Alpine Crossing


Two exhausted walkers were rescued from the Tongariro Alpine Crossing around midnight on Sunday night.

Police, DoC, and Hapu have called for trampers to be better prepared and know their limits.

The two walkers called for help after they became exhausted and realised the Tongariro track was beyond their abilities. They were rescued by Land Search and Rescue and a helicopter was required.

A police statement said hiking Mt Tongariro should not be taken lightly, as the climb is equivalent to ascending the Sky Tower stairs more than three times and requires an effort equivalent to walking a marathon.

Photo by Tomáš Malík

More info about the Tongariro Crossing can be found HERE. Another great hack for The Crossing is the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council’s ‘Plan My Walk’ app which can be used to find the right track for your ability. You can also check for track alerts and weather warnings. It’s even got a suggested gear list.

Featured Photo by Thomas Schweighofer