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A New Zealander has been picked as one of the world’s top 10 Trump impersonators by US comedy chain Laugh Factory.

Alexander Sparrow will travel to LA as a finalist in a competition to find the best Trump impersonator in the world.

The winner will host an online show for Laugh Factory Magazine called Real News/Fake News, and headline at Laugh Factory clubs all over the US.

Sparrow is the contestant travelling from the furthest away, joining contestants from Dubai, Great Britain, Canada, Iran and South Korea.

Sparrow performed as Trump in his comedy show The President in Wellington and Auckland last year, and is putting it on one last time to raise funds for the trip at Wellington’s Cavern Club on April 13.

The finals will be held on Wednesday April 26.



Video has emerged of a child driving a car packed with other children – and a goat.

The footage, filmed in Whitianga by Auckland’s Gaz Walden, shows several children in a red Ford Falcon with a boy, about 8 years old, at the wheel.

Walden then realises there is a goat in the back seat.

“You’re f***ing kidding me. What the f*** is going on. This is insane. Look at him, he can only just see over the steering wheel,” he says.

He pulls up next to the car and tells the boy he shouldn’t be driving – but then a middle-aged man climbs out of the back seat to reassure him, saying the boy is “actually training”.

“I don’t care mate – that is ridiculous,” Walden tells him.

Police told Newshub they are making inquiries.



Cyclone Cook could be about to bring more heartache to flood-devastated parts of the country.

The category 3 cyclone was early this morning just south of New Caledonia, where it passed overnight and, according to overseas media, injured four and left thousands without power.

Cyclone tracks are changeable, but the latest models put eastern parts of the country in its path late this week – including a direct track over the East Cape.

Metservice meteorologist Brian Mercer said models were “starting to come together” for the cyclone.

“The track can change but we are currently expecting it will be just north of the Bay of Plenty midnight Thursday, then we expect it to move across the East Cape and then down the [North Island] East Coast and the East Coast of the South Island.”

It was too early for numbers, but there was the potential for heavy rain and severe gales, Mercer said.

Severe gales are winds exceeding 76 kilometres an hour.

The latest models are not good news for those living in Eastern Bay of Plenty, where many residents of the flooded town of Edgecumbe remain unable to return home, and others living in rural areas are still cut off.

The Chatham islands is also at risk from the cyclone’s impact, with severe north-easterly gales between late Thursday and Saturday, Mercer said.

In Wellington, gales can be expected between Friday and Saturday.

“[This cyclone] is definitely one to watch and we’re encouraging people to keep an eye on our updates.”

Weather watches were likely to begin being issued later this morning, and warnings tomorrow, he said.

Other parts of the country can also expect a wet lead-up to the Easter long weekend.

There will be rain in Auckland over the next few days, but daytime highs will remain in the low 20s.

A mixture of showers and rain is expected across much of the upper North Island and the South Island’s West Coast today, while Whanganui, Wairarapa and Wellington will also see a few spots of rain developing.

Thickening cloud is forecast for the rest of the South Island.

A Tasman Sea low previously been threatening to roll across the country would remain off-shore this week – the power of Cyclone Cook was holding it away, Mercer said.



A luxury apartment block in Texas boasts a glass-bottomed rooftop pool, giving swimmers a dizzying view of the busy street 500 feet below.

Dubbed the Sky Pool, the infinity pool is on the 42nd floor of the Market Square Tower and extends 10 feet over the side of the imposing Houston building, according to Daily Mail.
Sweat-inducing footage shows one brave resident appearing to step into thin air as they gingerly walk around on the 8-inch thick plexiglass.

For those not willing to risk the teeth-clenching heights, there is another pool on the fourth-floor terrace.

Any thrill-seeking house hunters can purchase a 564-square foot studio for $1,805, or dish out $18,715 per month for a 2,993-square foot penthouse.

Reaction was mixed for the footage, with one horrified viewer writing: ‘Eek! No thanks! Not my type of fun living on edge,’ while another penned: ‘This is the coolest idea ever I wanna go here.’

A gobsmacked third user asked: How is this architecturally possible? To be suspended over traffic like that think of the perimeter structure. Is it like a tube? I’m trying to wrap my brain around it!’



Three new women have entered the Bachelor competition – and Zac Franich can’t believe his eyes.

The Bachelor cast was stunned when three new competitors for the Orewa lifesaver’s heart were revealed during a holiday to Thailand.

“Tonight’s not going to go down how you think it’s going to go down,” warned host Dominic Bowdon to a shocked Franich.

Bowdon introduced “three wonderful new women” – Christchurch residents Sarah and Vanessa, and Auckland law student Karina.

Vanessa, Karina and Sarah, the three new competitors vying for Zac Franich's love.
Vanessa, Karina and Sarah, the three new competitors vying for Zac Franich’s love.

It was Sarah who made the biggest first impression as the pair took a dip together in a Thai pool.

Zac Franich enjoys a dip with Sarah on The Bachelor NZ.
Zac Franich enjoys a dip with Sarah on The Bachelor NZ.

“I just figured, what’s the worst that can happen?” she told the Bach as her reason for being on the show.

Despite calling New Zealand “too small” for her, Franich was obviously taken with Sarah.

“I’m really enjoying spending time with Sarah. It becomes really clear we have got a lot of things in common,” he says.

“Similar interests in travel, and reading, and she likes to be active, and she enjoys a challenge. She likes to be adventurous,” he swooned.

He gifted her the night’s first rose, saving her from elimination at the cocktail party.

Zac Franich enjoys a swim in Thailand.
Zac Franich enjoys a swim in Thailand.

Franich also had one-on-one time with the “intelligent and attractive” Vanessa as the pair shared a bike ride and love of curry, and a picnic with the “stunningly beautiful” Karina.

Zac enjoys a date with Karina.
Zac enjoys a date with Karina.
Zac Franich and Vanessa enjoy their date.
Zac Franich and Vanessa enjoy their date.

Franich had obvious concerns about how the rest of the show’s cast would take the new entrants – with good reason. They hated it.

After being left waiting for more than an hour at what was supposed to be a group date, they weren’t happy when the three new women arrived instead of Franich.

“We’ve just been sitting here waiting for him and he’s been spending time with other girls,” quipped an obviously angry Viarni.

Lucia, centre, has been sent home from The Bachelor.
Lucia, centre, has been sent home from The Bachelor.

At the rose ceremony, it came down to new entrant Vanessa and Lucia, but Franich sent Lucia home.



Already flood-ravaged parts of the North Island may be in for another dose of heavy rain as the remnants of tropical Cyclone Cook arrive later this week.

Cook is now a category 3 storm and may reach category 4 before making landfall in New Caledonia tonight, said.

Sustained winds of 200km/h with much higher gusts are expected for the French island nation.

WeatherWatch forecasts by tomorrow evening Cook will be drifting south to south-east away from New Caledonia and slowly towards New Zealand.

MetService meteorologist Claire Flynn said the remnants of the cyclone are expected to pass by the north-east of New Zealand on Thursday and move away on Friday.

She said it is likely heavy rain will hit Bay of Plenty and Coromandel.

However, she cautioned about the uncertainty of predicting cyclone weather patterns, particularly more than a few days out. said Cook is a “very intense but small-sized storm”.

The weather forecaster also had concerns with a larger-sized low in the Tasman Sea joining forces with Cook to drag more flooding tropical rains to the North Island.

“This set-up could see rain returning to flooded parts of Bay of Plenty, for example, this Wednesday then intensifying as ex-cyclone Cook passes by over Thursday and Friday with torrential rain around eastern parts of the North Island; rain heavy enough to cause even further slips and flooding as possibly more than a months worth of rain yet again falls in just a couple of days,” it said.

“As for the four day Easter weekend, it doesn’t look stormy so much as it looks unsettled for many regions.”

Flynn was not overly concerned with the low joining forces with Cook, expecting the low to remain just west of the South Island.


The opening of the Ferrari Land theme park at PortAventura Park in Spain started with a truly unfortunate and equally hilarious event when a rider on one of the park’s roller coasters collided with a bird.

The park, which officially opened to the public on Friday, features the highest and fastest roller coast in Europe, which launches riders to 111 mph in just five seconds. Well, during that speedy acceleration, a rider in the front of the coaster gets nailed right in the throat by a pigeon.

The guy seemed equally horrified and confused by the whole thing, and just as the pigeon came into his life, it was gone, brushed aside like an eyelash in the wind.

Considering the blood left on the guy’s face after the crash, it’s safe to say the bird probably didn’t survive. Thankfully, the man riding the roller coaster seemed unharmed, and he quickly recovered and converted back to a normal roller coaster rider a few seconds later.


The second season of The Bachelor NZ proved to be controversial at the least. Who could forget Bachelor Jordan Mauger dumping his chosen winner, Fleur, only a day after the final episode aired?!

So, unsurprisingly, Jordan didn’t seem to have the best experience from the reality TV show, with a barrage of online bullying following the dramatic ending.

Now, as the third season airs on our screen, Jordan has taken a dig at reality TV in general with an Instagram post:

He might feel compelled to pass this book on to current Bachy┬áZac… hopeful Zac’s experience with the show isn’t as dramatic as Jordan’s tho!